Is the Country’s Most Coveted Closet All Fake?

August 21, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Imagine a three floor closet filled from floor to ceiling with fashion’s most desirable labels–Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, Louboutin and Vuitton. Texas socialite, Theresa Roemer’s 3000-sq-ft fashion shrine is the stuff girls dream of. Recently, however, the focus of her closet has turned into an ironic twist of fate.

Earlier this month, the famous closet was burglarized of more than $1 million worth of fashion. Surveillance video showed the theif ransacking the she-cave and taking off with three Hermes Birkin travel bags at $60,000 each, ten Rolex watches and ten to 12 Chanel and Cartier watches.

The story continues, this week as the person claiming to be the burglar stepped forward to the Houston Press and alleged that his haul of stolen items are all fake. You read correctly, the former socialite, beauty queen and philanthropist has a 3000-sq-ft closet of fake Hermes, Chanel and Rolexes. To prove his point, the robber sent several of the fake items to the Houston Press and the paper has authenticated the samples as fake too.

Theresa responded with an interview to the  Houston Culture Map, “She never pretended that everything in her closet was high-priced, although she has proof of sale from Neiman Marcus and other retailers for most items…Not everything is a million-dollar design [and] that she never claimed that everything in her closet was expensive,” the website says.

This is just further proof that fashion can easily be an illusion and a covetable closet may not be what it seems. Lets chuckle about the robber who got taken and just hope that Theresa didn’t file insurance papers.


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