Inside What’s Left From Zara’s Sale

July 7, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Nowadays you can shop for Zara anywhere in the world or anyplace with WiFi but insiders know that not all Zara stores are created equally. Our favorite Manhattan location is the mid-town Fifth Avenue store. This particular location is luxurious, has lots of inventory and has always has great limited edition merchandise.

When it’s time to shop Zara sale, there is no better place to go. If you’re looking for shoes we couldn’t recommend a better place. Most styles are priced between $39 and $69 from $70 to $120. We found lots of these leather and mesh high-heel shoe booties, these metal plate sandals and a variety of these white Birkenstishes. Styles not online, include lizard embossed slip-on-sneakers, pointy toe flats and black mesh heel-booties.

Most of the best looking bags are not on sale but we are rather fond of this perforated bucket bag for $99 from $139. Besides the bucket, there wasn’t anything remarkable.

Focusing on clothing, there is a lot. There are these lightweight coats in blue or yellow for $90 from $160, all types of jeans and pants for $59 and shorts and skirts for $29. This location also has lots of swimsuits (that aren’t on the web) at $15 for a bikini bottom or $30 for a one piece.

There still seems to be a healthy amount of merchandise in Zara stores. We wouldn’t be surprised if the sale continued for a few more weeks in stores and through the end of the month online. Click here to see photos from our shopping excursion.


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