Inside the Best Ever Louboutin Sample Sale

May 13, 2014 by Lila Delilah

You might need an invite and a confirmed RSVP to get into the Christian Louboutin sample sale but that didn’t stop our spies from getting inside. This morning, we infiltrated the super VIP sale and have can report that “this is the best sale yet.”

This season, the Louboutin sale has moved across the street from the designer’s showroom to a larger ground floor retail space. The merchandise is organized into three different sections– women’s shoes, women’s bags and men’s shoes. The larger space makes it much easier to shop and try on shoes.

While shopping the first VIP day of the sale, our spy spotted Stephanie March (of Law and Order fame). Thankfully, she wasn’t hoarding shoes by the dozen, unlike past celebrity encounters.

The highlight of the sale is undoubtedly the broad selection of wearable and basic shoes. Usually, the Louboutin sample sale is overstocked with quirky and wacky designer niche shoes. This season, however, the inventory consists of lots of basics such as Pigalle pumps and peep toes in a variety of colors, including nude. There are also a Pigalle spikes in a variety of colors. The sale has a nice assortment of wedges, sandals and a large variety of flats.

The prices are the same as they have been for the past several seasons. Most of the stock falls within the $300 “blue sticker” range. There is a $250 “yellow sticker” category but nobody was lucky to find anything that inexpensive. Jeweled encrusted, Strass, are intermixed with the rest of the stock and are among the most expensive styles at $500 a pair. Some of the most popular shoes at the sample sale were the Yacht shoes with spikes, which look like Topsiders with … spikes and Intern flats, which look like smoking slippers with … spikes. The sale also has an assortment of Galias, which resemble common espadrilles with crest patches.

The best selection is within the size 39s and 40s and the smallest selection is the half sizes. Those with the very smallest of feet will also find a healthy assortment of choices. Those who don’t fall into either of these size extremes, will still find plenty of shoes but may not have as many options.

The bag selection is larger than usual. A majority of the inventory is from this past winter collection and contains oversized totes with spikes, clutches, iPad cases with spikes and spiky wallets. There was also a nice selection of Sweet Charity bags, which are the mini shoulder bags with a bow closure.

Our spies didn’t notice very much hoarding but there were a few shady shoppers who were asked to leave after getting caught swapping price stickers. This season, sample sale customers are limited to five pairs of shoes and two bags. The sales help is very sweet and helpful but the lack of air-conditioning was a huge complaint.

Sometimes, the sacrifice of air-conditioning is the price one must pay for discounted Louboutins. You can click here to see a few haul pictures from the sale.

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale
Through Friday, May 16
Daily 9am to 5pm, Fri. 9am to 3pm
311 W. 38th St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)


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