Valetino Rockstud 90% Off

April 1, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Valentino introduced the Rockstud collection as part of their fall 2010 runway show. The fashion world was both shocked and mesmerized, as up to then Valentino had been known for their ladylike collections. Four years later, the style is still going strong and has become a brand icon.

Finding the classic Rockstud style shoes and accessories on sale is not easy but we have the inside track with Amuze. The online, flash sale site, just launched a collection of Rockstud bags and clothing that’s all marked up to 90% off.

The site has several bags including, the Rockstud shopper tote that’s $725 from $2395. A Rockstud tote version in leopard calf hair is $850 from $2895 and an ornate studded net hobo bag is $950 from $3345.

Beyond the Rockstud bags, the sale includes lots of really great classic Valentino clothing items. This wool dress with lace detailing is ladylike-perfect, especially for $315 from $2200 and you really can’t beat this ivory ruffle dress for $350 from $2290. Before you check out to quickly, be sure to take a look at the Valentino puffers, towards the bottom of the page. We may be coming into spring but you’ll be hard pressed to find another one link this, that’s priced for so little.

Use the code QKGX3LF for free shopping.

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