Costco Discounts Chanel 20%

January 27, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Over the past several weeks we’ve seen s steady stream of pristine Classic Chanel bags grazing the showcases of Costco, in Harlem. While Costco admits to selling gray market designer merchandise, it’s always a bit surprising to see a Jumbo classic not far from your industrial sized Bounty paper towel.

Thie week, Costco’s designer showcase held a large size black Classic Flap with gold hardware in caviar leather. The price is $3700 from a retail price of $4400. That’s a savings of almost 20%. Last week, at the same Costco, we spotted the prettiest grey lambskin Jumbo Classic Flap with silver hardware for $4000 from a retail value of $4900. Again, that’s about a 20% discount.

Some shoppers may turn up their nose from purchasing designer accessories at Costco but we would prefer to save $1000 and forgo the shopping bag. After all, anyone can shop for for Chanel, at Chanel. It’s a bit cliche, don’t you think?

On the second hand market, Chanel Jumbos seem to sell for about $3000 and the large size normally sells for between $2000 and $2500, depending on the condition. When choosing between the discount price and preowned, we consider the new car smell, um bag, to be worth the premium. The best part is that Cocto’s return policy is a lot more customer friendly than Chanel.

Take note, that not all Costco luxury accessories are priced as attractively. A Maxi Veneta from Bottega Veneta is priced at $2000 from a retail price of $2750. Seems like a nice savings but the Bottega outlet sells the same bag for $1800 and often has special discounts of an additional 20% off. Also, Costco priced a Balanciaga City 12  for $1400, while the full retail price is just $1345.

As always, do your research!


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