Century 21 Clearance 80%-90% Off

January 7, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Only one thing is better than an end-of-season markdown– an end of season markdown at a discount store. This weekend, Century 21 started their clearance sale and a great selection of clothing is discounted an additional 33% to 50% off.

If “retail value” prices are correct, that would bring the total discount to 80% to 90% off. Consider this, Century 21 pays most of their luxury suppliers 10% of the retail price. So these prices may barely allow the discounter to break even on the merchandise.

This weekend, we took a tour of the Downtown flagship and found lots of items worthy of being taken home. The best selection was within the evening wear. We always suggest snagging one of these “great ones” when you can find them this cheap. Storing them in your closet unit the correct affair presents itself is always a wise move. Nothing is worse than paying big bucks for a dress you’re barely going to wear twice.

Among these evening frocks is a red carpet worthy Michael Kors dress that is reduced to $2500 from a starting retail price of $19,000. (No, we didn’t add too many zeros.) An Emilio Pucci gown with illusion is under $600 from a valued price of $3275. An insane John Gilliano jacket with fur (perhaps fox) collar is about $1000 from $9425. An LBD from Lanvin comes to about $700 from almost $4000 and a jeweled Prada jacket (winter 2012) under $900 from $8335.

Among the less expensive reduced items is a classic Valentino red dress that’s $220 from about $740. Missoni knit wool pants are $175 from $1210 and a lovely Ports 1961 dress with a lace back is $200 from a $1190 retail. If you’re looking for sunglasses, most designer styles come to about $100 after the additional discount.

Century 21 isn’t the best destination for handbag shopping. The store isn’t offering any additional discounts and there isn’t much that’s appealing. The only purse of notable mention is a YSL Betty that’s $1200 from a retail of about $1500. That’s not much of a bargain.

We would absolutely suggest heading downtown if you’re feeling adventurous or need a formal dress. Otherwise you can just go for the fun. Shopping Century is always entertaining. Tourists can sometimes be tremendously funny.

There are 13 more pictures of our shopping trip after the jump.


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