What to do When It’s: ‘Sold Out’

December 19, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Every season, there are a handful of items that top the list of the world’s most fashionable and then sell out. There are waiting lists and black markets. Resellers and bribes. This is fashion and you are only as cool as your last purchase, or some think. This year, some of the hottest items never even make it to the sales floor.

Rather than throwing up your arms in defeat, it’s always good to start searching stores that may not be on the average shopper’s radar. Below are a few of our favorite shopping destinations for hard-to-find items. If these stores fail, you can also try stores in other mid-tier markets, like Miami, Chicago and Houston.

Our first stop is always Hirshleifers on Long Island at Americana Manhasset. During our last trip the tony boutique had waiting lists for the Chanel No. 5 Plexi Perfume Bottle bag ($9500) and the Boy Chanel Enchained ($5100). The store is also receiving ample shipments of Chanel espadrilles, if you’re looking to stock up for the spring. Of course, this season the brand raised the prices by $100. The store also has a large collection of hard to find Chrome Hearts merchandise and hard-to-find Buscemi sneakers.
Tova 516-627-3566

Coco Pari
The basic Christian Louboutin styles usually aren’t hard to find but it can be difficult to get your hands on some specialized styles. In these situations, I always give a call to Coco Pari, in Red Bank, NJ. The store is filled with a huge selection of the red soled shoes. The best part is that from time to time they will even wave a small discount to close the deal. Just be aware, the high school sales people are a bit stalkish and don’t have the most sophisticated style. It’s always a good idea to shop there with a critical eye.

Scottsdale Fashion Square
It’s not as hip as California but they try. Scottsdale has a large affluent population and great shopping, but trends travel there a bit more slowly. For example, when Celine Luggage Totes were nearly impossible to find in New York, the Barneys at Scottsdale Fashion Square had a selection of almost every color combination. Looking for an Hermes item that shouldn’t be too hard to get– try the Hermes here. There’s also the added benefit that cold weather items don’t tend to sell very well. The best part of the Mall is that there is almost every store that you would find on Madison Avenue located in one place.


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