Vince Camuto Friends & Family Sale

October 2, 2013 by Lila Delilah

It feels so effortless to shop for designer “inspired” shoes now that we have our very own Vince Camuto boutique in the heart of the Upper East Side. What’s even better is that the brand is offering 25% off online or in the store.

Before we start shopping, however, we should discuss how close these shoes look to the $1000+ designer versions. Check out these booties, which has a closure that closely resembles a pair we love from Givenchy. Those obsessed with YSL studded shoes can torment themselves over this version, which only comes out to $75 after the promotional discount. If you’ve been lusting for Jimmy Choo biker boots, look no further than these mottos.

This friends and family sale excludes clothing. Online shoppers can use the code FRIENDS at checkout to access the discount.


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