The IT-it: Perrin Paris Clutch

October 8, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Sometimes the same old guard gets, well, old. Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton, Gucci… enough!

Some days call for a personal style statement. Since Perrin Paris 1893 opened on Madison, we’ve been in love with their Clutch Cabriolet, a glove inspired clutch. It walks the fine line between hard edge and high style. The bag is both functional, as the glove component makes it easier to carry the clutch, and stunningly handcrafted.

In addition to our favorite glove bag, shoppers should also take some time to inspect the Ball Bag. This iconic handbag is considered an architectural achievement that takes more than 40 hours to produce by hand. The store also has a great assortment of leather gloves, sunglasses and accessories.

Perrin Paris Clutch Cabriolet $975


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