IT-it: Givenchy Slip on Sneakers

August 15, 2013 by Lila Delilah

The best part about trends is that even a bad one will go away.  We admit that last year’s trend of over-the-top wedge sneakers were interesting as a Isabel Marant cult following. Once the style started taking over entire sections of the shoe department, however, the trend went from interesting to insufferable.

Nobody can be surprised by the 180-degree backlash debut of the slip-on sneaker. While toddlers in tiaras are stomping around in their tripple velcro wedges, the fashion scene will be slipping into this season’s low-rise printed sneaker trend.

Givenchy is the front runner with their versions, which look like a variety of printed scarves. Our favorite is undoubtedly the black and white Macrame. We love how the delecate lace print plays naughty and nice in a black and white. The mix of leather and rubber just adds to the yin-yang effect.

Yes, you can always opt for the less expensive lace slip-on from Marc by Marc Jacobs ($248). Just keep in mind that stepping into low-street version can taste like generic Frosted Flakes. In this case, we would be much happier with Comme de Garcons Chuck Taylor low top. And these are just 100-bucks.

Givenchy Macrame Slip-On $650


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