The IT-it: Sweatshirts

July 25, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Sweatshirts aren’t just for keeping warm any more. The cozy warm pullovers are quickly becoming a high fashion statement piece for both men and women. This is a slam duck for high fashion where the margins are high and the  logo opportunities are plentiful.

On the high end of the spectrum you have Givenchy’s Rottweiler sweatshirts, which cost north of $1000. On the other end of the fashion scale you can spend just $80 and snag Brian Lichtenberg and Reason Clothing’s playful wordplay sweats like, “Homiès” (Hermès), Celine Dion (Céline) and “Comme des F*ckdown” (Comme des Garçons).

More importantly this item is a great entry level fashion piece for those with designer aspirations. In plain English, that means that you will be seeing sweatshirts lining the front row of fashion week in September. The Givenchy cat and Kenzo embroidered version are already cliche among street style fashion bloggers. We prefer to go down market with this trend and suggest not making a big investment. After all, we wouldn’t be surprised if all these pieces end up at Goodwill in a matter of two seasons.

In order to avoid looking like you stepped out of a Lifetime version of Pretty in Pink we suggest pairing your sweatshirt with a statement necklace, a great pair of heels or a stylish skirt. We love how Your So Jane paired her sweatshirt with a leather flounced skirt and the more casual look of a sweatshirt with rolled up boyfriend jeans matched basic converse sneakers as done by Isabella M.

Novelty Sweaters $60-$80 (


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