The IT-it: Givenchy Shark Lock Boots

July 18, 2013 by Lila Delilah

In retail, July is always a collision of two seasons. Summer merchandise is going out and fall merchandise is coming in. One item that seems to remain timeless is the Givenchy Shark Lock Boot.

This classic style knows no season. It is just about the only boot that is sold next to thong sandals and open-toe espadrilles. Why, we ask? The answer is simple– it’s just that good. The lock is reminiscent of the Hermes Kelly but Givenchy’s styling is a lot more youthful than the Kelly Jumping boot.

The Givenchy boot comes as a flat motorcycle style, a high fold over wedge, an ankle boot and short wedge bootie. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles but the flat motorcycle version seems like a perfect alternative to spiked boots that can be perilous in winter, show and ice.

As excited as you may be to wear these style icons, we suggest waiting till temperatures dip into the 50s. A bathingsuit and high motorcycle boots are never a good look no matter the length of your toothpick legs.

Givenchy Shark Lock Knee-High Boots $1595


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