Men’s Markdowns Summer Overview

July 1, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Markdowns for men’s clothing and accessories always come a bit after women’s. Here is a brief overview of current sales for the guys. The discounts range from about 40% to 60% off. We would say that Saks Fifth Avenue has the best selection but the winner of best discounts goes to online retailer Mr. Porter where the savings run up to 80% off.

Clothing and shoes are 60% off and accessories range from 60% to 70% off. We are unapologetic about the fact that we are done with $1000 spiked sneakers. We suggest opting for a more moderate style of basic canvas. Thom Grey’s will do just fine at $89 from $225. We are in love with this muscle enhancing YSL tee that’s marked $189 from $320 and basic Paul Smith swim trunks that are $79 from $195.

Bergdorf Goodman
The Bergdorf man may not have a restaurant of his own any more but he can take advance of the same 60% markdown as his female counterpart across the street. Shoes are 50% and you really can’t go wrong with a basic Gucci loafer for $212 from $425. Most clothing is 60% off but higher end items like a Brioni french-cuff dress shirt is only 20% off or $476 from $595.

Mr. Porter
Hey men, if you’re really looking for some decent savings and love wonderful customer service than Mr. Porter is the destination for you. The all-men’s site is offering savings up to 80% off and there are still some great items from which to choose. This Balmain field jacket is a true classic and keeper at $780 from $2600. How about a unstructured Dolce & Gabbana linen blazer for $118 from about $1400?

Most men love shopping at Nordstrom because of their no hassle customer service. We can’t argue with that. Take note that Nordstrom boys can save up to 60% off. Call us crazy but we love the lines on this Just Cavalli leather moto for $863 from $1400. This Dolce & Gabbana Madonna tee is unlikely to go unstolen from your girlfriend or boyfriend but it’s okay considering it’s reduced to $132 from almost $300. We generally love Oriebar Brown for his relaxed and fashionable designs. At 50% off you’re looking at some very reasonably priced summer fashion. Most men also love the store’s Faconnable brand, which is even more attractive when it’s 50% off.

Saks Fifth Avenue
It seems as if the Saks man might be able to save even more than the Saks woman. Many clothing and shoes styles are priced 60% off. You can’t go wrong with these Prada sailing sneakers for $171 from $380 or Prada Drivers for $216 from $480. How about a classic Diesel jean jacket for $134 from almost $300? Seems like another one of those items you can love and share.


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