Inside the Cesare Paciotti Sample Sale

July 16, 2013 by Lila Delilah

The Cesare Paciotti sample sale started today and as fans of the brand we couldn’t wait to see what stiletto beauties awaited us. Prices for the Italian shoes are generally priced at 70% off retail.

There is wide range of styles to for both men and women that will impress everyone from the classic set to the more statement-oriented fashion group. We found great wedges for $190 from $635, pink leather pumps are $195 from $650 and men’s loafers are $162 from $540.

This time around, the sale also includes sunglasses and belts for $50. Both handbags and wallets are 70% off too but that’s not the most likely reason for you to hit this sale. There will be no restocking, so we suggest that fans shouldn’t procrastinate. Just remember to hit the ATM first because you’re going need the Benjamins.

Cesare Paciotti Sample Sale
Through Wednesday, July 17
10am to 6pm
12 West 57th Street, suite 901
Cash Only


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