Discounter Gabay’s: Givenchy, Chloe & Prada

July 25, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Although we are pretty adept on finding almost any item on sale there are some designer merchandise that requires a bit more shopping agility. Gabay’s Outlet, on the Lower East Side, is one of our favorite sources for hard-to-find designer discount merchandise.

Lets take the sleek Givenchy Pandora, as an example. This bag is almost impossible to find marked down but Gabay’s has it for a deep discount. How about those Prada silver metallic kitten heels with the black bow that sold out as soon as they hit stores? Yes, Gabay’s has a few pair and they are more discounted than all the shoes in Bergdorf Goodman. A oxblood McQueen beauty? Yup. Gucci Simla convertible satchel? It’s there too. The store is also stocked with Celine and Jimmy Choo shoes that will make your mouth  water more than ice-cream in 100-degree heat.

As you already know, Gabay’s merchandise is always brand new and authentic. Customers are welcome to call, email or visit Gabay’s. Shipping is free and the merchandise is always a great deal. Click to this jump page to see more pictures of the great items Gabay’s has in stock.

Gabay’s Outlet
225 First Avenue (between 13th & 14th)

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