Celebrate Independence at the Outlets

July 3, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Independence day is almost here, which usually means major outlet reductions. We started snooping around Woodbury Common and found that many of our favorite stores are adding extra discounts to lure customers. Don’t worry if your plans don’t include driving an hour north to go shopping. Most stores are willing to ship merchandise.

For the July 4th weekend Balenciaga is adding an additional 30% off handbags and ready-to-wear. Discounts at the outlet start at 50% off and the additional discount brings the savings to 65% off. Most of the inventory is from spring 2012. Unfortunately, there are no moto jackets but they are expected to come in with the fall collection in August.
Terry (845) 928-2006

Bottega Veneta
The Bottega outlet has a lot of bags, which is not always the case. Styles from last year’s collections are an additional 30% off. A hot pink cabas type bag will be $2800 from $57oo and a black Veneta is $1427 from $2900.
Lena (845) 928-4563

For the holiday weekend the entire store additional 20% off. There are no Paratys or Sally handbags. There are Sally clutches, Sally wallets and lots of clothing from summer ’12.
Catherine (845) 928-6260

The normal discount at Fendi is 60% to 65% off retail. For the holiday weekend the outlet will be offering an extra 15% off accessories, clothing and select handbags. Men’s clothing will be an extra 10% off and shoes will be an additional 25% off.
Diane (845) 928-5455

The Gucci outlet is expecting a large shipment of bags before the holiday. On July 4th the outlet is extending an extra 50% off select handbags, women’s and children’s clothing. Select men’s attire will be an additional 30% off. Within the extra discount category you can expect to find some Boston bags, Sienna bags and Shopper bags.
Bobby: (845) 928-8034

If you’re looking for great sales on Prada this outlet is not the place to go. Generally, the outlet only discounts merchandise 30% to 40% off full retail. That is actually less than first markdown in the boutique. There’s no longer a sample sale rack and but you might get luck browsing through the “end-of-series” rack, which offers an extra savings of 30% to 40% off.
Becky (845) 928-3706

Tom Ford
The Tom Ford weekend sale will include men’s swim, hats, scarves, pants and outerwear at an additional 25% off. Select suits will be an additional 50% off, evening an additional 25%, women’s clothing an extra 50% off and select shoes will be reduced 50% off.
Jessica (845) 684-3100

If you were disappointed by news from the last YSL sale then you might want to hit the outlet. Over the holiday weekend customers can save an extra 50% off clothing and 30% off most other items. We are told that there are lots of Tribute pumps in a variety of sizes. Colors include pink, yellow, blue, nude and black. Prices on these shoes are about $560 with plus an extra 30% off. The outlet is also expecting a shipment of more than 300 bags, which will include the Muse and the Cabas.
Mark (845) 928-2169


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