Inside the Jil Sander Sale

April 16, 2013 by Lila Delilah

The Jil Sander sample sale started today for invited guests, which included lots of stylists and fashion journalists. Not sure which of those categories Soon-Yi Previn (yes, that’s Woody Allen’s wife) falls into, but she was there too. The sale opens to the public tomorrow but we have the inside details.

Tuesday shoppers can expect long lines, very long lines. Last season, Sander fans waited up to three hours to enter the sale during the first day. Despite the 80% discount you may not be as thrilled as anticipated. Some of the women’s inventory is from the current spring line-up that is now in stores but most of the merchandise seems to be returns or overstock from the winter 2012 collection.

The spring collection is Jil Sander’s first designs for her band after three years away. Most critics thought the collection lived up to it’s minimalism nature but that’s not very original these days. One of the season’s iconic pieces, a maroon v-neck coat dress with exaggerated pockets is under $500 from $1900. Towards the back of the showroom there is a selection of shoes and bags. The bag selection is very small and is made up mostly of totes that are priced at 80% off retail. Shoes are mostly from the winter season and range in price from $60 to about $200.

As usual, there is a selection of men’s pants, shirts, sweaters and coats. Beware, there are no changing rooms and only two mirrors available to share with other shoppers. Overall, this sale offers great discounts but much of the merchandise is difficult to pull-off even for the most adept style blogger.

Jil Sander Sample Sale
Tuesday, April 16th through Friday, April 19th
10am to 6pm
8 Crosby (between Howard and Grand), 4th floor


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