Chanel Bags at Costco

March 25, 2013 by Lila Delilah

One of the biggest questions we get at Madison Avenue Spy is how to score a Classic Chanel bag for less than retail. The obvious answer is always preowned but today we spotted brand new Chanelies at Costco.

A small Classic style bag usually retails for $4200 but is available at the Harlem Costco for “just” $3600. That’s about $600 less than the current retail price. Not exactly spectacular percentage but $600 is a nice savings. In addition, the big box store has the Chanel Hobo Weekender that retailed for over $3000 is “just” $2059. (That’s a much better deal, in our opinion.) This bag was part of the 2009 summer collection and the hobo strap can be elongated to be worn as a cross body. I can also hold lots of stuff!

Costco also has a few less exciting Prada totes that range in price from $1100 to $1770. We would most definitely pass on these as the retail prices aren’t very much higher. Finding Prada bags on sale isn’t too difficult either. Like the Prada bags, we suggest passing on the green grapes and honeydew. Both are less expensive at Fairway.


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