You Must Be Kidding: $30,000 Chanel Hobo

February 22, 2013 by Lila Delilah

All things fashion are a matter of taste and we are taking a definitive stand and stating that whoever spent $30,000 on this white matte croc Chanel hobo bag is out of her mind. This bag looks more like a white garbage bag on a chain than a year’s rent for a luxury studio apartment.

Well, it seems that even the woman who purchased this Largerfeld mishap is having second thoughts too. She is trying to find a sucker to take the bag off her hands for $12,000, which less than half of what she says she paid. In contrast, this classic looking Chanel croc bag from 1991 is selling on eBay for a reasonable $2000.

How much would you reasonably pay for this Chanel crocodile calamity?


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