Devi Kroell: Current Spring Merchandise 90% Off

February 12, 2013 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

The Devi Kroell sample sale started today and we are glad to report that our initial post didn’t overstate the deep discounts and wonderful merchandise that can be found at the designer’s sample sale. As a matter of fact, we may have understated the greatness of this sale.

The 80% to 90% off discount is so good that before you enter the sale,  you’re required to check everything but your wallet and sign a waiver not to hoard, resell or even discuss the fantastic prices (oops). Most items are still above a Benjamin but these days a C-note doesn’t cover much, especially from a high end designer.

When it comes to shoes sample size 37 addicts should take advantage of exotic skin platform pumps and loafers. Normally, most of these shoe styles retail upwards of $600 but are just $100 at the sale. In fact, all shoes were priced gently with the exception of a few styles double the price. The higher priced items included boots (literally, there are only a few) and sandals. There is some non-sample overstock sizes, but not nearly as plentiful or stylish.

There are quite a few of the wooden bejeweled clutches and minaudieres left over from the last sale and they are still priced about 70% off their $1000 plus price. There are a couple of suede totes for $100 but those were scooped up as soon as they hit the tables. (I’m still having major regrets about putting one down).

Instead of three pairs of shoes you may opt for fold-over exotic clutches and small leather bags with exotic trim. Medium bags and hobos are $500. The highest discounts are on the large and extra large exotic signature Kroell hobos which usually retail over $3000 and now are a mere third of that price.
While the sales staff claim there is no more stock, we think they are either holding out or getting more shipments so the sale can extend the entire week. (Vegas baby!) There isn’t exactly an excess of inventory – so hurry downtown to get your Kroell fix for the best discount you will find. Just remember to make an appointment first. All the sale rules and protocol can be found here.

Devi Kroell Sample Sale
Monday, February 11 to Friday, 15
By appointment
55 Fifth Avenue, 17th Floor


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