Bergdorf Last Call 75% Off

February 7, 2013 by Hayley Corwick

We are well into end of season sales and we couldn’t think of a better time to freshen our wardrobe before fashion week. We did a last lap around Bergdorf Goodman to see what little surprises we could find.

We headed straight to the second floor to browse through the overstock of premium designers. We found a heavy wool Fendi sweater for $400 from $1600 and a Tom Ford gown is $970 from about $3900. One floor up we found that the deals were even better. A Proenza dress is $250 from $995, a Balenciaga dress is $239 from $945 and a Givenchy print cocktail dress is $1059 from $2660.

If you’re looking for shoes you might still find a couple of winners but the discount is just 50% off. Most stores have already discounted their shoes 65% or more. Sale bags and accessories are all completely gone. We don’t expect this sale merchandise to hang around much longer so we suggest getting to Bergdorfs quickly. Do we need to remind you, IT’S FASHION WEEK!!!


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