You Must Be Kidding: Hermes Kelly

January 22, 2013 by Lila Delilah

It’s always fun to browse through eBay and scour all the products that are unburied from people’s closets. Sometimes the items are in fabulous condition and priced well. Other times, you read the listing and think: You Must Be Kidding.

Today we are starting the beginning of a new column where we identify items that are in rediculous condition or insanely priced or sometimes both. On eBay, a 1964 black lizard Hermes Kelly bag is priced at $2500. The seller says, “It has been used. It shows wear. The lower price reflects this.”

This bag shows much more than wear and is pealing and cracking in almost every direction. As a matter of fact, cars in better condition than this bag have been junked. This may be the saddest Kelly bag we’ve ever seen. Did we mention that the keys are also missing (surprise, surprise) but there is an orrigional dust bag!

Would you spend $2500 on this sad piece of Hermes history?


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