Extra 25% Off at Saks Consolidation

January 28, 2013 by Lila Delilah

If you listened to our advice and waited to attend the Saks Fifth Avenue Consolidation Sale, your patience will be rewarded. Right now, a more plentiful assortment of winter merchandise is an extra 25% off for a total savings of up to 75% off.

When Saks started their end-of-season sale earlier this month we found the designer selection on the ninth floor to be rather small. The selection still isn’t huge but there many more interesting items that can cause a fashion lover to obsess. For example, we found a Thomas Tait moto jacket reduced to $1836 from $6110, a long Oscar de la Renta sweater coat is about $1200 from $3390 and a magenta Stella dress is $509 from about $1700.

Heading down to the eight floor –to the shoe department– we found an assortment of novelty style designer shoes for 60% off. Those very popular Celine shoes that were “inspiration” for so many off-priced brands are $300 from $750 (silver). Touch-me-and-I-might-fall-over no-heel Giuseppe Zanotti booties are $398 from $995 and Louboutins with feather and pom-poms are $950 from $2450. That’s what we mean by novelty.

We are told that the sale should last through the weekend. If you’re nerves are strong enough to wait, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an even steeper additional discount. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


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