The Find: Discounted Valentino Rockstuds

December 4, 2012 by Lila Delilah

The problem with having great taste is that sometimes you want something new but spending thousands on a whim is not always the family priority. Lux Brands, a discount store near Grand Central, is a great place to find high-end designer merchandise without the high sticker prices. The boutique actually reminds us of Century 21 circa 1998.

During a recent trip our eyes bugged out when we spotted a recent shipment that included Valentino Rockstud bags and shoes. Unfortunately, the store won’t let us publish the prices but lets suffice it say that the popular style isn’t included in Valentino’s list of seasonal markdown merchandise.

In the clothing section we found a holiday celebration worthy silk black Balenciaga dress for just $399, a slinky violet Gucci dress for $599 and a Marni shift for just $189. The boutique is also stocked with a variety of Gucci bags and belts priced just right so you can gift your sister and keep one for yourself.

As you can see, we are talking about real fashion for true discount prices. This is a distention that should not be missed!

Lux Brands
331 Madison Avenue (on 43rd street between Madison & Vanderbilt)
Sunday- Friday 9:30am to 7pm

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