Rodarte Sample Sale Returns

December 3, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Twice a year Rodarte holds a sample sale that brings out the brand’s biggest fans. As we all know Rodarte’s fashion isn’t for the frugal. Good thing this sample sale makes shopping the brand much more digestible and has even surprised shoppers with unexpected deals.

Our favorite sale tweeter, @NYCShopGuide shared that this season’s Rodarte will take place on December 8th. To schedule your appointment, you need to email
. This system may seem ardious but we haven’t heard of a customer being turned away and it alleviates the dreaded sample sale line.

At the last sale, which was located at the Ace Hotel, clothing was priced between $200 and $500, shoes ranged from $150 to $350 and bags were about $200ish. Of course there are always the $4800 dresses reduced to $1200 but at least there is something in the vicinity of impulse buy.

If you’re interested in a more convenient Rodarte impulse buy, you might want to check out the selection of holiday gifts the designers put together for Starbucks. This is a collaboration that is absolutely worth discussing. Lets discuss…


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