Midnight Madness at Woodbury Common

November 21, 2012 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

The thought of Black Friday fills us some with dread but others love the energy of overflowing stores and unbelieveable deals. To some, traveling to Woodbury Common is as much of a holiday tradition as visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center.

We sent our spies upstate to the notorious outlet center to get the inside scoop. Luckily, our sources have made it easier than ever to determine if it’s worth diving right into the holiday season. To check the store hours and for additional sale information, visit the Woodbury Commons website. Those who prefer a more pieceful shopping environment are encouraged to call the outlet and have your purchases shipped right to your door.

Women’s fall/winter 2011 merchandise will be an additional 25% off while spring/summer 2011 inventory is a whopping additional 60% off outlet prices. Some handbags and accessories will be marked an additional 25% to 30% off. Popular City bags are not included but there are some smaller classic First versions available for normal outlet pricing (30% off retail) in camouflage ponyhair, navy and white canvas, and black leather with gold hardware. One lucky size 42 lady can take home a popular $2650 brown moto jacket for just $1499.
Percy: (845) 928-2006
Friday: 12am-10pm
Saturday: 7am-10pm
Sunday: 8am-9pm

Bottega Veneta
Don’t count on getting any additional markdowns on popular woven style handbags or shoes, but certain seasonal purses will be an additional 30% to 50% off outlet prices this weekend. The Veneta fall/winter 2011 collection is 30% off retail with older pieces discounted 50% to 60%. Generally, outerwear and shoes are a 50% cut. Intrecciato fans won’t be disappointed to find lots of brightly colored seasonal purses like satchel styles for $2389 and totes $1529 to $1579.
Akiko: (845) 928-4563
Friday 12am-10pm
Saturday: 9am-10pm
Sunday: 9am-10pm

The early bird clearly gets the worm at Chloe, with a door-busting additional 30% off everything in the store in the morning and then 20% after 6am. All outlet handbags are currently 50% off retail already (except for popular Marcie and Paraty styles). Lucky shoppers will be able to score these popular styles at a 20% to 30% discount, with small Marcie hobos (retail $1465 to $1500) now $1200 to $1300. Medium size Marcies in python (retail $3580) will be $2700 and a medium Paraty in rock color ($1895 retail) will be about $1600. We suggest you skip the chaos and presale these popular bags over the phone now for the 20% cut because they may not stick around until Friday. There is a plentiful selection of shoes already an additional 40% off outlet prices, including lots of exotic and leather boots, rain boots and wedge booties. Clothing is already 40% off retail and will be marked down about 50% off.
Jerry: (845) 928-6260
Friday: 12am-10pm (additional 30% off 12am-6am; 20% off for rest of weekend)
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 6am-10pm

Fendi opens at Midnight on Thanksgiving but additional markdowns don’t start until 6am. Outlet prices for handbags and accessories are already 30% off retail and the store will offer an additional 10% off starting in the early morning. Just be warned that there are no baguette or peekaboo styles at the store. You will find the international totes and a monogram Boston bag. Ready-to-wear will be the best bargain (outlet prices are already 65% to 70% off retail) and there will be an additional 20% cut. Shoes, including some boots will be an extra 15% to 30% off the outlets already halved prices. Furs are not included in this sale but they are 40% off retail.
Lauren: (845) 928-5455
Friday: 6am-10pm (possible in-store sale 12am-6am TBD Wednesday evening)
Saturday: 8am-10pm
Sunday: 8am-10pm

We are told that there will be an additional Black Friday discount but the amount has yet to be determined. Women’s clothing is already 50% to 70% off retail but there are no furs or outerwear available. There are a decent amount of dresses but not many gowns. There are lots of handbags and a mix of leather a monogram styles for about 30% to 50% off retail.
Jessica: (845) 928-8034
Thursday: 9pm- Friday 10pm
Saturday: TBD if sale will continue
Sunday: TBD if sale will continue

Marni is kicking off sale season with an additional 25% off outlet prices for fall/winter 2011 merchandise. Older inventory will be an extra 50% off their outlets prices, which are already 50% from retail. Nothing in the store will be excluded and the sale will continue well past this weekend –until everything is sold.
Michelle: (845) 610-2240
Friday: 12am-10pm

While there will be no additional discounts the store did receive a few shiny puffer jackets in green and purple yesterday. You should call now if you’re interested in these because they will likely be gone by Friday. The selection of matte puffers is much better and are available in brown, taupe and black. Small sizes are limited but at least you will save 35% off of retail.
Britney: (845) 928-3045
Friday: 12am-10pm

While there will not be any additional Black Friday discounts, the outlet is 35% to 40% off retail. There are handbags, clothing, shoes (lots of boots), as well as two styles of furs. The Prada outlet is expecting a large shipment of merchandise on Friday and should be well stocked.
Britney: (845) 928-3706
Friday: 5am-10pm

Tom Ford Outlet

Tom Ford
There is an extensive selection of leather handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear available at one of our favorite designer’s outlet store. While there aren’t any popular Jennifer flap zipper bags, there are loads of discounted exotic leather bags. Brown and black crocodile (retail $19,990) are normally $7996 at the outlet, but will be discounted an additional 25% making them a cool $5997 each. Ford’s dresses will be priced between $530 and $650, including the extra 25% to 50% off outlet prices. Men and women’s shoes will be an additional 50% off and jewelry will be an additional 25%. Our jaws dropped when we found gladiator style s $71 to $78 for gladiator style sandals (retail over $650), flats around $60, and heels ranging from $122 to under $500 for exotics. You can view a price list and inventory for the sale here.
Jessica Graziadio: (845) 684 – 3100 (in store Wednesday 21st from 1pm – 9pm for requests)
Friday: 5am-10pm
Saturday: 7am-10pm
Sunday: 8am-9pm

Yves Saint Laurent
Starting Wednesday, handbags and shoes will be an additional 30% off the normal 30% discount. The YSL outlet is currently stocked with Tributes and Tribtoos, although size 38s are out of luck. They also have some oversize Muse handbags in orange and white and large versions in crackled black leather ($1183) and metallic silver ($714). Clothing and sunglasses will be an extra 60% off outlet prices. Pre-sale over the phone with a credit card is available, although all sales are final.
Shirley:(845) 928-2169
Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Friday: 12am-10pm


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