How to Save 20% On Hermes Now!

August 27, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Sometimes we welcome the idea of a brand that limits discounting.  One price being the only price removes much of the doubt that can be associated with a purchase. When it comes to an Hermes purchase, however, the price is so steep that any savings is welcomed.

With a little bit of research and the watchful eye of Parisian summer guest, we were able to find a way to save over 20% on many popular Hermes items. All you need to do is go to Paris, or anywhere in Europe for that matter.

Right now, the euro is worth about $1.25. That means that an Evelyn PM that is priced at €1,760 or $2201 is $600 less expensive than the $2800 price tag in New York. That’s a $600 savings and we didn’t calculate VAT reimbursement and the expense of New York sales tax. With all considerations, you can save almost 30% on an Evelyn PM when purchased in Paris.

The same calculations run true for a 35cm Kelly, which is €5400, which exchanges to $6755.40. The US price is $8550 or $1800 more than the European purchase price. A 30cm Birkin is €5950 in Paris, which exchanges to $7443.45. The US price is $9450 or $2000 more.

Although these savings are significant on many items we tested, the savings doesn’t reach all Hermes items. A CDC bracelet (Collier de Chien), for example, is only about $20 less when purchased in euros.

Those who prefer to shop in New York for their discounts can look forward to the return of the Hermes sample sale, which is scheduled to being on September 5th with the VIP sale and run through September 8. Just don’t expect to find any of the Hermes staples listed above at the Soiffer Haskin sale (317 W. 33rd St.)

You can click here to read our coverage of past Hermes sales but we are going to start a fall trip to Paris. Take our poll to the right and let us know your favorite place to stay in Paris.


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