Mr. Porter On Sale

June 5, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Sometimes we feel bad that some amazing men’s sales are left out from time to time. We are trying to incorporate more information for our gentleman shoppers but sometimes the gravitational pull to handbags and stilettos is just too strong.

Those of the male gender and those who shop for them will be happy to know that Mr. Porter has started their seasonal sale. The markdown is up to 50% off and there are lots of great discount items from which to choose. Basically, a lot of the 50% merchandise is from the winter collection.

We quickly snatched a winter coat we missed at Barneys last season for half off along with a few pair of jeans. For those who have eyes for leather Balmain, might want to wait a bit. Like the women’s site, there’s always room for a second markdown.


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