Louboutin Spring Sale

June 14, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Most retailers of Christian Louboutin will start their red soled shoe sale on Thursday. Coinciding with the markdown, the Louboutin boutique  host a private sale night where VIP customers will be the first to shop from the assortment of discounted shoes.

Last season, the discount for shoes was 30% to 40% and handbags were a deal at 50% off retail. Unlike the department stores the boutique’s selection and sizes tend to be limited. To attend the Louboutin boutique sale you must RSVP by email.

Those looking for a more sane sale environment may want to head over to a local department store. We find that Saks Fifth Avenue is the best of the bunch when it comes to presale shopping. Above is a select assortment of Louboutin’s included in the Saks markdown.

Christian Louboutin Private Sale
Thursday, June 14
3pm to 6pm
RSVP: Events.MadisonNY@ChristianLouboutin.FR

Saks: Yelena 212-940-0131


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