The It-it: A Top Knot

June 22, 2012 by Lila Delilah

This June heatwave has us reconsidering our entire summer beauty regimen. We are throwing out the blowdryer and majorly limiting makeup. Lipgloss is always a necessity but, that’s it!

As an alternative, we are opting for this season’s most popular hairstyle– the top knot. The top knot is basically a bun configured at the crown of your head. The northern ballerina hairstyle was popularized by street-blogger stylists and is now making it’s way to the beach-shore-lake-mountians near you.

There are basically two different types of top knots. There is the messy top knot, which you would likely find paired with drop crotch pants and the very neat top knot, that’s become an icon of Oscar de la Renta.

SepBella has a really quick YouTube tutorial on how to create a messy top knot:

1. High ponytail
2. Tease sections of the pony tail
3. Wrap the teased hair and secure with bobby pins

Simple right?

Than there’s the Oscar de la Renta top knot, which is as elegant and understated as the designer’s fashion. This look can take a bit more preparation but the payoff is big. We found model Amanda Frank’s tutorial to be extremely helpful.

So read up and sweep your hair up as high as the temperatures because you know the top knot is this summer’s hottest hairstyle!


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