Retail Therapy: Bethenny Frankel

May 25, 2012 by Lila Delilah

As temperatures rise even conservative New Yorkers begin to peel back the layers. Finding the fine line between hot and hoochie are always up for debate but we couldn’t think of a better person to ask than straight-talking Bethenny Frankel, who just launched her Skinnygirl Solutions Shapewear.

During our conversation we got to talk about her famous lingerie, the sexy line, and oh yes, shopping! Let us know what you think:

What were the most important elements when you sat down to design shapewear?
Functionality, fashion, comfortable, sexy and affordability. Is shape wear you actually want people to see, which was really important. It is less than $50 an item and it’s comfortable. I think of it as lazy lingerie. You can wear it in the daytime into the night and be sexy afterwards with your husband, boyfriend or date. You are actually wearing a bra, tank top and lingerie.

What’s the line between sexy and hoochie?
Showing too many body parts at the same time. Racy colors. It should blend in and shouldn’t be shocking. It shouldn’t be like, “Oh there are your boobs.” It should be subtle.

What are your top shopping tips?
I am an online shopper. I look for deals and buy things that are not of the season. I am not the first person to get it because it is now. If you buy classic it will always be good. I like to buy classic pieces on sale. I’m an online hunter.

What’s your prize deal?
A Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity bag, which was $400 on eBay that was originally over $2000.


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