Inside the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

May 16, 2012 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

This year, the organizers of the Christian Louboutin sample sale shook things up a bit, changing the access hierarchy for the sale. Friends and family got first dibs starting today –after all the ultra VIPs on Monday. Press access begins on Wednesday and we are told that the public may get their chance to shop on Friday.

This counter-spy arrived at the sale just before 5pm and there was no line to get in. As expected, an Louboutin employee was checking names in the building lobby.  Once we were cleared, our right wrist was marked with a blue stamp. After, it was straight to the fourth floor. A coat check stripped us of everything except our wallet. Cell phones are absolutely forbidden. That means, no texting your friends outside the sale and no pictures. As a matter of fact, there are signs that say, no tweeting or posting to social media.

The shopping scene was far less hectic than anticipated, although there were only a handful of chairs for try-ons.  As always, the shoe selection is best for ladies size 36.5 and below and 40 and up. Already, there are no size 38.5 shoes (Blake Lively’s size, perhaps?) and size 37.5s were dwindling quickly. However, the selection of 37 and 39 shoes was still decent, although it may not last very long since those are more popular sizes. Prices for this sale start at $100 although we had no luck finding any shoes for so little. Unlike years past, it seemed like even some of the wedges were $225 instead of the expected $150, and most of the desirable styles were $350 and above. Boots are $500 and up, while the exotic skin styles are priced upon request. There are also a number of handbags marked down about 50%, although we couldn’t focus on much besides the shoes.

If you are a larger or smaller shoe size and do not have an invite it may be worth your while to stop by the sale. Staff informed us that they may be opening the sale to the public on Thursday and Friday. If you don’t have a invite, Friday is your best bet.  If you have a more common shoe size, however, it may not be even worth the trip since they will probably sell out by Wednesday afternoon.

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale
306 West 38th St, 4th floor (at 8th Avenue)
Wednesday, May 16th: 8am to 5:30pm (Press)
Thursday, May 17th: 9am to 5pm
Friday, May 18th: 9am to 3pm
Credit Cards ONLY


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