The It-it: Hermes Passe-Guide

April 13, 2012 by Lila Delilah

The Hermes Passe-Guide was designed by Henry d’Origny and introduced in 1975. This striking bag hasn’t been seen in a retail store in many decades but is being reissued into the Hermes family this Spring.

The Passe-Guide is named for its clasp, which is modeled from the ring at the front of Roman chariots that kept the reins of the carriage in place. The heavy side hardware distinguishes this bag from most other Hermes bags. We love the smooth “Box” skin that give the bag a vintage. We like to think of the style as modern-vintage.

Before you dedicate your heart to this bag, be forwarned that it’s not easy to obtain and spotting it on the shoulder of another women is about as heartwrenching as catching your husband kissing another woman.

Hermes Passe-Guide


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