DSW Fully Stocked with Gucci

April 17, 2012 by Hayley Corwick

By ManhattanMataHari

Gucci fans will be delighted to learn that the DSW in Union Square has received a large shipment of Gucci shoes. DSW is promoting the discount as 40% off but we calculate a much larger bite off the retail price for some styles.

Take notice, Gucci has updated their signature horse bit hardware and logo on their current style shoes. The DSW selection is nicely discounted but reflect the old styling. We’ll call it retro Gucci. At least DSW is offering a large variety of styles and a full range of sizes.

Die-hard Gucci fans can snatch a pair of monogram peep-toes for $270 (retail $495, similar style minus monogram). Those looking to play with color can choose from a Crayola assortment of colors, which is the perfect to experiment this season’s color trend.

Flats and pumps are priced at $299. Current versions retail range from $400 to almost $600. Summer loafers, in a rainbow of colors, are $230 from a retail price of almost $600. These shoes are a great alternative to popular boat shoes, although be sure to skip the socks. Basic colorful leather flip-flops with Gucci hardware detailing are a bit more pricey at $150 from $185.

Keep in mind that these styles are a bit old but DSW is also known for their quick markdowns. We wouldn’t give it more than six weeks until most of the stock is blown out at $199. Also, be on the look out for coupons and additional promotions. DSW is very generous with their loyal customers. You can browse a sampling of the selection and prices online here.


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