KamaliKulture Now Available

March 27, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Norma Kamali’s much awaited KamaliKulture is officially available. The current lineup features several variations of black dresses and suit styles. Later this spring, the line will expand to swim suits and eye-glasses . The best part of Kamali Kulture is that everything in the collection is under $100!

Usually we aren’t big fans of diffusion lines — a designer’s lower price point collection– but the clothes here are well worth the value and are quite stylish. Right now most of the online collection is offered in black and red but many more patterns and colors will soon be available.

While looking through the cloths, we had a long fashion chat with Norma. She says she was inspired to create a collection that had timeless style and could be enjoyed by everywoman. “I wanted to offer a valued purchase that women were not afraid to use. Everything is durable, wearable and affordable,” Norma says.

KamaliKulture hits every mark. Each item is classic and true Kamali style, from the “All in One Dress” to the pencil skirt. Norma explained  age and experience has made her increasingly appreciate maintaining a distinct personal style over following trends. Betraying your personal style illustrates lack of self and lack of personality, the designer says. “Nobody is going to benefit from wearing neon,” she adds.

In the coming weeks, exclusive items from KamaliKulture will be sold on Amazon.com and Zappos.com. We’ve already started picking the foundation of what will be our summer wardrobe and know that we will be coming back for a lot more. (Shopping Hint: The KamaliKulture sunglasses are basically the same as the collection sunglasses. Get them while they are hot… or before it gets too hot.)


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