The It-it: Dior and Anselm Reyle

March 30, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Usually our It-it subject is more notable for their wait lists than their overstock. In the case of Dior’s collaboration with German artist, Anselem Reyle, our attention was gained by how much inventory seems to be left as the limited-time collection comes to an end Friday.

It’s obvious that Dior invested a lot into this colorful collaboration. There coordinating are bags, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, scarves, books and coordinating nail polishes. At launch time we were told that most bag styles would sell out before they made it to store shelves. However, earlier this week it appeared as if all items were still in stock.

Many people would feel turned off to the collection because of all the excess inventory. We translate this situation into pure excitement. After all, who wants to see  their limited-run neon-colored tote on the arm of five other women at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club this summer? Perhaps, we may even be able to pick up an extra piece at an outlet at a later date. That would surly translate into a winning collaboration, for us, at least.

Dior x Anselm Reyle Collection
Medium camo tote $1900, Lady Dior $4500
Ends Friday (or so we were told)
Contact Matthew: 212-931-2950


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