Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

February 14, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Fashion Notes:
Marc Jacob’s collection seemed as if it were cast from a fairy tale that bisected Marry Poppins and Alice and Wonderland. Fluffy top hats were the exclamation point of each outfit. This tale primarily consisted of playful proportions and a full range of texture and color. Overall, it is a season of fashion that wowed both the most critical fashion insiders and lovers of MJ.

Key Looks:
Perfectly fitted coats and chunky scarves tacked with oversized safety pins

Marc Jacobs used a wide variety of textures throughout the collection spanning from heavy knits, fine wool coats to metallic separates, hooped dresses and fur.

Almost every element in this winter collection seemed oversized, including the hats, scarves, pilgrim buckle shoes, bags and jackets.

The magical backdrop, which was made out of large cutouts were as magical as the fashion. Artist Rachel Feinstein created an aura that only added to the fantasy of the fashion. You can watch the full fashion show here.


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