The Most Expensive Stores in the US

January 26, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Unsurprisingly Madison Avenue is home to many of the country’s most expensive retail stores, according to analysis company Bundle. Ten of the 25 stores, listed in the report are located on Madison Avenue and 13 are located in NYC.

Oscar de la Renta takes home top prize for the boutique with the highest average receipt of $3,217.  Georgio Armani, which has several locations throughout Manhattan, including Madison Avenue, is second with average receipts of $2,881. At the bottom of the list is Prada, where customers tend to spend about $1,430. Wedding emporiums Vera Wang and Kleinfeld Bridal both made it to the impressive list, which is just goes to show the buying power of the blushing bride.

Bundle compiled their list of the most expensive shops in America by looking at the average receipt amounts based on millions of transactions done in clothing stores across the U.S from April 2010 to May 2011. Wholesalers, manufacturers and big department stores were filtered out of the list. We imagine that’s why high priced stores like Hermes and Louis Vuitton are not included in the top 25 list.

Although Madison Avenue is an expensive place to shop, it’s just as easy to save a bundle. As we know, just about all these stores reduce merchandise to about half-off but that may mean you end up buying twice as much!

  1. Oscar de la Renta, NYC
  2. Georgio Armani, NYC
  3. Loro Piana, Boston
  4. Akris, NYC
  5. Maxfield, LA
  6. Chanel, NYC
  7. Bruno Cucinelli, NYC
  8. Blake, Chicago
  9. Savannah, Santa Monica
  10. Alexander McQueen, NYC
  11. Tom Ford, NYC
  12. Lanvin, NYC
  13. Ascot Chang, NYC
  14. Chloe, NYC
  15. Marissa Collections, Naples
  16. Dolce & Gabbana, Beverly Hills
  17. Wilkes Bashord, SF
  18. Bottega Veneta, Manhasset
  19. Kleinfeld Bridal, NYC
  20. Morris & Sons, Chicago
  21. A’Marees, Newport Beach
  22. Vera Wang, NYC
  23. Escada, Beverly Hills
  24. Saks Jandel, MD
  25. Prada, NYC

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