Mikimoto Sale Overview

January 19, 2012 by Hayley Corwick

The Mikimoto sale has been a longtime favorite of Madison Avenue Spy readers but much has changed over the years. When we arrived, midday the line to get into the showroom was over two hours and the discounts on the most desirable jewelry fell into the 50% off category rather than the 70% off of past seasons.

First the line. The wait snaked around the entire fourth floor of the building so that the front of the line met the back of the line. This is not a situation a busy New Yorker likes to confront. After a quick phone call we were in despite snares from others.

Most of the higher-end Mikimoto jewelry is 50% off but some items were priced up to 70% off. Even after the discount prices range from about $2000 for a small pendant and go up to about $15,000 for larger necklaces. We are especially fond of the the 10mm golden south sea pearl strands that normally retail for $25,000 but are discounted 50% off.

If you’re looking to spend a bit less look for the Blue Lagoon collection, which is more affordable to many customers. Blue Lagoon is normally found in higher volume jewelry retailers like Zales. In this section you can find pearl pendants for under $200 and bracelets for under $1500.

We suggest going to the sale towards Friday when the wait will be much less. We also suggest skipping the sale altogether if you’re looking for less expensive pearls. You can find better quality for similar prices from a trusted local jewelry store.

Mikimoto Sale
680 5th Ave. (bet. 53rd & 54th St.), 4th Fl
Thursday, January 19th and Friday, January 20th 10am~7pm


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