Marc Jacobs 70% Letdown

January 5, 2012 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

When we first caught wind the Marc Jacobs collection would be a hefty 70% off We couldn’t help but get excited when we caught wind of the Marc Jacobs collection discount. The markdown is hefty at 70% off but upon arrival at the store we were sorely disappointed.

The sale consists only of two small racks of fall and winter 2011 merchandise. There is also a small assortment of booties and pumps below that have been marked down. The racks of clothing were sparse at best, with our best find being a boucle wool $1800 peacoat marked down to $540. It is truly hit or miss because the styles and sizing is extremely limited. A sales associate hinted there “might” be some extra sizes out back but it seemed unlikely.

We also spotted a few $7900 retail sheared fox cropped jackets on the markdown rack. Even with the discount there are better fur investments for your money. Looking down at the sale shoes, it was easy to see why these stragglers were still on the sales floor – not the most desirable styles. Sadly, no tall boots were to be found.

Bottom line: if you had your heart set on getting a discounted Stam handbag or other accessories, don’t bother. We suggest calling ahead if you had your heart set on a specific item.

Johann: 212-343-1490


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