The IT-It: Drybar

January 27, 2012 by Lila Delilah

I remember hearing the term wet bar as a child and imagining a bartender spraying customers with a soft drink hose. When I recently heard about Drybar my imagination was almost as naive: A bar with no alcohol? Yikes!

Thank goodness my conjecture was wrong on both accounts. Drybar may be the coolest beauty concept ever. The beauty chain offers flat rate $40 hair blowouts. There’s no, extra $10 for long hair or unexpected fees for extra curly or thick hair. Yup, it’s just $40! Oh, oh, did we mention the Shirley Temple service? It’s for kids 10 and under and costs just $24. (Blowouts and lunch with Eloise anyone?)

So as curly haired girls have been rejoicing on the west coast and in the Village, uptown gals can start taking advantage of the Drybar treatment too. Today Drybar opened in the Le Parker Meridien, on West 59th Street. The space is almost as hot as a Twin Turbo 2800.

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as the price. Just go to the company’s online scheduler and select the Le Parker Meridien location from the drop down menu and pick a time that’s convenient to you. Even better, walk-ins are welcome too.

119 West 56th Street btw 6th and 7th Avenues


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