Crazy Gaga Workshop Sale

January 9, 2012 by Lila Delilah

We have to admit that the Barney’s Lady Gaga Workshop was a genius concept. It was imaginative and unique. We also have to admit that the prices of the novelty items included in the collaboration were also imaginative and unique.

Well, all that has changed. Barney’s has slashed the prices of their Gaga Christmas workshop. The discount ranges from 40% to 70% off. The best deal is the candy. For example, candy finger rings which were insanely $28 and are now $9. You might want to bypass the stale candy and opt for the popular Deborah Lippman 3D Holographic nail polish. The duo set of polish is now $29 from $40.

Another good bet is the Gaga Workshop x Barney’s tote, which is $14 from $38. (Be careful, not to confuse this tote with the Barney’s x Gaga tote, which is still $26 from $38.) The flame press-on nails are a personal favorite, but are still a frivolous $157 from $225 and you’re cousin from Pittsberg won’t get it. Instead, send her a bite of the big apple by way of the deep V-neck Gaga tee $33 from $75.

Although the discounts are attractive, we bet that many of these items will show up for even less money at Barney’s outlets across the country. Anyone want to send me a note when they find those crazy nails for $2.25?


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