Pucci Moving Onto Madison

December 19, 2011 by Lila Delilah

It appears as if the old Yves Saint Laurent location will be occupied by another 70s fashion icon–Emilio Pucci! Yes, Pucci is moving their swirly, colorful prints from their quaint 64th Street location and spilling their cheerful colors right on 855 Madison at 71st Street.

Last year, YSL left the location after more than 41-years. This move will give the Pucci brand much higher visibility on Madison and could be seen as a possible marketing strategy change. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was a collaboration in the future based on the popularity of Missoni-Target. Can anyone envision a Pucci-Target?!

In other news, Valentino has officially opened across the street from the space they occupied for more than 15 years at Madison and 65th. For a period of time the brand was running shop out of the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue. We are told that this location is only temporary.


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