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December 27, 2011 by Lila Delilah

There is no arguing that this is the busiest shopping season on of the year. This year, Monday was the federal Christmas day-off, which meant that more people were free to shop December 26th sales.

The New York Post (12/26/11) dove reporting on the into what’s officially known as the biggest return day.

The unusual occurrence of this year’s Sunday Christmas has most families enjoying an extra day off after yesterday’s festivities — and offers a “defining moment” for businesses eager to end the year in the black, said retail-industry expert Lila Delilah.

“Dec. 26 is way better than Black Friday,” said Delilah, founder of Madison Avenue Spy, a shopping blog. “Dec. 26 is to move merchandise. It’s do-or-die for the merchants . . . They close the books and have to answer to their shareholders.”

Earlier this week, The New York Post (12/23/11) credited your favorite deal catcher with finding the best of 11th-hour pre-Christmas bargains.

From Macy’s to Saks to Modell’s, prices are being slashed on every kind of gift that can fit in Santa’s sleigh.

Deal blogger Lila Delilah at has been keeping an eye on the best deals — and may have gotten one of the biggest bargains at The Gap, where she got some kids’ gloves for 75 percent off.

“They had gloves, children’s mittens, for $20 and I got them for $5,” she said.
High-end stores in the fashionable shopping areas of Midtown and the Upper East Side were also boasting big bargains.

At Yves Saint Laurent, prices were down 40 percent. At Bloomingdale’s, shoppers were finding prices cut by 25 to 50 percent.

At Salvatore Ferragamo, $760 men’s dress-leather zip boots were marked down to $494.

While you were preparing for the big holidays the New York Post (12/18/11) took a closer look at the typical mall stores that have opened on Fifth Avenue.  Forever 21, Uniqlo, Hollister, and H&M have all opened flagships on the avenue that is better known for $2000 blouses than $20 shirts.
“I thought we got rid of Disney and the NBA Store, and we were going to get some grand, luxury emporium,” sniffs Lila Delilah, the Upper East Side blogger behind shopping site Madison Avenue Spy. “Things were looking up. And all of a sudden, it was Hollister and Uniqlo. It’s mystifying. The walk from Bergdorf to Saks used to be a dazzling window shopping experience, and now I find it a little more like the new 42nd Street.”Most experts believe that Fifth Avenue’s transition to a destination of high-low shopping is a good thing. After all, shoppers are increasingly matching their J.Crew tee with their Armani suits. Do you agree?

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