Fifth Avenue and 57th Street

December 21, 2011 by Lila Delilah

We’ve already scoured Madison Avenue and the Meatpacking District for great deals. The next logical stop is a virtual tour along Fifth Avenue and across 57th Street. Highlights include a markdown at Dior, which is very much under wraps and the sad news that there will be no future Ferragamo warehouse sales. Shall we take a moment to morn? Ok, done.

Time to move on to the shopping:

We are told that Dior will start their sale on ready-to-wear on December 26th. Dior sales people usually aren’t very forthcoming about markdowns. So it’s going to be up to you to worq-it!
Jenny: 212-249-5822

Men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and select bags are 35% off. Ferragamo used to run a second markdown after Christmas but the proliferation of outlet stores has ended that trend. We also hear that the Ferragamo warehouse sale is dunzo. You may recall news of overcrowding and police clearing the sale. Our sources say that the real chaos started when someone bit a guard…
Sal: 212-759-3822

Miu Miu
Leather goods are 30% and clothing and shoes are currently 40%. There is still a decent amount of inventory but size variations are starting to run low. We think that there will be another markdown but cooperate may decide to keep the excess inventory for their outlets.
Judith 212-249-9660

Norma Kamali
Today the boutique started a markdown of various items, which are arranged by price. There’s $50 and under category, which contains an assortment of smaller items like bubble shorts, foil leggings and bikini tops. There’s also the $100 and under sectuib that contains sunglasses and other assorted item. In the $200 and under category you can grab yourself a cool camo coat or gown. And of course, the $500 and “Splurge” areas will buy you some pretty cool Norma Kamali fashions. We are told that more items will likely be added to the sale section after the holidays. So be sure to check back.
Annie 212-957-9797

Yves Saint Laurent
The YSL discount is 40% off across the board. At the start of markdown season we found several pair of Tribute sandals and a few Muse bags in purple, tan and dark brown. Roady bags in gray, brown and tan were on sale too. Many of these iconic items are already gone but there are still plenty of pretty things to make a fashion lover smile. We are expecting a markdown to at least 50% after the weekend.
Danielle 212-980-2970


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