Brunello Cucinelli Sample Sale

December 7, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

Brunello Cucinelli is well known for their high end luxury designs and fabrics, as well as their lofty prices. At their sample sale you can save up to 60% off Italian fine cashmere. While the prices are still pretty high, you have to remember that the retail prices are significantly higher.

If you head straight into the accessories table you will find belts for as low as $100 after the discount. Keep your calculator handy as you make your way over to the shoes where sample size 37 ladies will fare best. The selection isn’t great are the prices, which are 60% off a range of $595 to $1000.

We suggest skipping the exorbitantly priced handbags and going straight to the bottoms, which are the best deals. Most of the skirts and slack are discounted to about $295, which really isn’t bad considering normal Cucinelli prices. Most of the skirt sizes are a sample size 42, but there is a larger variety of sizes for slacks ranging up to size 48. Smaller sized women will have a much tougher time finding sizes.

Moving on to the star of Cucinelli– cashmere sweaters. We are sad to say that the selection for women is quite small but if might not walk away disappointed if you’re shopping for a man. Most of the cashmere are 60% off the normal range of $800 to $2300.

We also found a nice selection of wool and cashmere blend coats but they are still pricey even with the 60% discount. The retail prices in this section seemed to range from $2730 to $4140. See? Still a lot.
If you have your heart set on finding a good deal here. we suggest waiting until the last day of the sale. Further reductions are expected and should range in the 70% to 80% range. And before you leave, don’t forget catch a glimpse of the $15,000 fur vests at the register. At 80% off, one might end up being an early holiday gift to yourself!

Brunello Cucinelli Sample Sale
Until Friday, December 9th
 9am to 5pm daily
150 E. 58th Street, 3rd Floor, (b/w Lexington & 3rd)


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