Kid’s European Sample Sale

October 31, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Long time readers of Madison Avenue Spy may remember the wonderful sample sales for children that used to take place in the garment district. Since the recession many of those showrooms have closed or changed their warehousing structures, which means the days of buying fancy european chidren’s clothing below wholesale are gone.

Well, maybe not completely. C&C Childrenswear, which carries popular brands like ADD Down, Custo Barcelona, Imps & Elfs, Lofff, Val & Max and Weekend a la Mer, is hosting a sale where prices will be under wholesale. The sale will begin Monday and run all week.

We stopped by before the weekend to catch a preview of what’s in store and found quite a few nice items. Most if the inventory is samples from spring 2012 but we able to find a few things that can be used now. A Val & Max dress that retails for over $300 was marked $40, an ADD Down jacket retails for $288 was $125, pajamas that normally cost $90 were $27 and a baby Imps & Elfs baby set was $35 from a retail price of about $80.

The stock isn’t as abundant as past sales at other showrooms but there are still wonderful items to be found at great prices. There won’t be any restocking, so we suggest you attend the sale earlier in the week. (Like now, if you plan to go.) Also, the colors assortment is limited on the ADD jackets. Don’t count on getting the popular shiny blacks and blues but be happy to settle on the plums and light lavenders.

Children’s Luxury Clothing Sale
Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4
9am to 5pm
12 West 32nd Street, 9th Floor
No Strollers
Credit Cards are excepted but charged an extra 3%


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