Missoni Crashes Metro Area Targets

September 13, 2011 by Lila Delilah

The Missoni collection launched this morning and by 8am Target.com was down. Even early shoppers complained about items disappearing from their cart and being unable to locate items from Target ads.

Store managers all over the area say there were long lines at the crack of dawn. Most stores in our area were pillaged within an hour of opening. We called several location within a reasonable distance (and not so reasonable distance) of New York and this is what we found bfore. All our calls were made before 9:45am.

Jersey City, NJ: Sold Out
Edgewater, NJ: Sold Out
Hackensack, NJ: Sold Out
Westbury, NY: Sold Out
Cheektowaga, NY: Amost all gone
Cedar Falls, IA: Yes, it’s available
Topeka, KS: Sold out, most of it (no smalls or extra smalls)
Grand Forks, ND: As far as I know we have everything. It just got out this morning…

Well dears, if you ever wanted to know the benfit of living in rural Iowa, Kansas or North Dekota, this would be the first.

Good luck shopping!


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