Marc Jacobs @ Dior is a Done Deal

September 12, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Sources tell Madison Avenue Spy that Marc Jacobs has officially signed the deal to take over as lead designer of Dior. The deal was closed last week but executives decided to hold back the information until after September 11th. An official announcement will be made this week.

Like most business negotiations the big sticking point has been Marc Jacobs’ compensation. Executives feel that it was a natural progression to have Marc take over for the house of Doir “he gets more staff, more perks, but it’s not f*ck you money,” our source says. .
Were we unable to extract exact dollar amounts but was told “It’s not a “stunning” offer.” We can’t say we aren’t surprised. After all, this is fashion and where the flash often outshines the cash.


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