Ippolita Creates Art & Jewelry

September 11, 2011 by Lila Delilah

By: L. Evans
Ippolita, which is known for their fine silver and gold jewelry, celebrated fashion week with a showcase of art and sculpture, in an exhibit called Reliquary. Giant glass blown sculptures representing containers for precious objects were exhibited in an industrial loft on the Highline Stages.

Each sculpture was between three and 12 feet high and was accompanied by video and light installations. Remarkable handiwork clearly went into each creation that was made over a multilayer period by glass and steel artists.

The exhibit offered a sense of the artistic sentiment and influence Ippolita brings to all of her work. The pieces reflected Ippolita’s highly modern and sculptural style. The Reliquary event will undoubtedly inspire shoppers to take a look at Ippolita’s latest collection and appreciate the artist behind the brand. The designer’s sterling silver friendship bracelet is being sold at the exhibit for $125 and feels like a true work of art in the setting of an art instillation .


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